Commercial Plumbing Services

Specializing in restaurant and commercial plumbing, 1st Choice Plumbing is a full service plumbing company with experience across a broad range of sub-specialties.

Located in Dallas, GA we have state-of-the-art plumbing equipment and a staff of licensed plumbers that are second to none. We offer high quality work; before, during and after. We are licensed and insured.

Our Restaurant and Commercial Services Include:

  • Appliance installation
  • Backflow prevention
  • Drain cleaning
  • Filtration
  • Gas and water line installation and repair
  • High pressure water jetting
  • Pipe repair and replacement

  • Plumbing design and remodeling
  • Plumbing installations and repairs
  • Trenchless pipe repairs
  • Video pipe inspection and recording
  • Water heater/boiler installation and repairs
  • Water treatment

You can count on 1st Choice Plumbing for honest, professional, competitive and up front priced services. We make every effort to reduce or even eliminate any downtime for your business. If that means we have to work from midnight to 6am, well...that’s why we’re the 1st Choice in Plumbing. All of our work is guaranteed and we honor manufacturers' warranty. References available upon request.

Commercial Plumbing When You Need It

Commercial plumbing from 1st Choice Plumbing is available for any kind of renovation, code violation, or plumbing emergency for your business. At 1st Choice Plumbing, commercial plumbing is a big part of what we do in the Atlanta Metro area. This means that we understand that when you have a commercial plumbing emergency at your business or commercial property, we know how important it is to get there fast and solve the problem so that you can get your business back on track. So when you have a commercial plumbing emergency, call 1st Choice Plumbing for fast and guaranteed results.

We have the equipment, manpower, and expertise to get your plumbing problems fixed quickly and with the least interruption to you and your customer's day. We guarantee all of our work, provide free estimates, and offer honest, flat rate pricing on all commercial plumbing jobs. Commercial plumbing is available from 1st Choice Plumbing in Alpharetta, Acworth, Atlanta, Austell, Canton, Cartersville, Kennesaw, Lithonia, Mableton, Marietta, Morrow, Norcross, Powder Springs, Rockmart, Roswell, Stone Mountain, Tucker, Sandy Springs, Smyrna, Vinings, and Woodstock.

Basement Flooded

Commercial plumbing is really an emergency when you have a basement flooded on a commercial property. If you have this kind of plumbing emergency, 1st Choice Plumbing can get to your commercial property fast, get the water shut off, and get started on the repairs. A basement can get flooded for different reasons. This includes clogged drains and sewers, corroded or broken drains, or drains that are not taking the run-off water where it needs to go.

Copper Piping

If you are thinking about updating your building's pipes and drains, give us a call for a free estimate on copper piping. Copper piping is the most durable pipe and is generally guaranteed from the manufacturer for fifty years.  Copper piping won't corrode when properly installed and will add value to your building if you decide to sell it. Call us for a free estimate on copper piping today!

Crawl Space Plumbing

Commercial plumbing that involves crawl space plumbing requires an experienced commercial plumber who isn't afraid to get under your building and fix the problem! If your building has a crawl space, you may notice changes in your building as it occasionally settles while it ages. If you think something has gone wrong with the plumbing or gas lines because of this, give us a call for a free estimate.

Drain Cleaning, Repair and Installation Service

Commercial plumbing is often synonymous with drain cleaning service. At 1st Choice Plumbing, we can unclog almost any drain. This is because we provide drain snake plumbing, cable drain cleaning service, and hydro jet drain cleaning service. With our equipment and commercial plumbing expertise, we can scour away the grease, soap and sand out of any drainage system up to 12" in diameter.

Gas Line Installation and Repair

Commercial plumbing is dependent on gas line repair and installation, so at 1st Choice Plumbing, we take it very seriously. We provide emergency gas line repairs and gas leak detection, and can help you with any plumbing code violations that you may have.

Green Plumbing

Commercial plumbing companies like 1st Choice Plumbing are leading the way for business owners who want to run environmentally friendly companies. Not only are we a green company ourselves, we encourage other businesses to become green as well. If you are interested, we can give you free estimates for improving the energy efficiency of your company including installing energy saving water heaters, low flow toilets, automatic shut-off faucets, water filters, and low flow shower heads. We have many more energy saving ideas, so give us a call for more details today!

Handicap Plumbing

Commercial plumbing needs handicap plumbing in order to comply with occupancy codes. We know the manufacturers of these kinds of fixtures, and we also know how to install handicap plumbing so that it meets local building codes. This includes comfort height toilets, easy-turn faucets, grab bars, hand held showers, and handicap showers. If you have a plumbing code violation because you don't have handicap plumbing, give us a call! We can pull the building permits needed and get your business back open quickly.

Plumbing Code Violations

Commercial plumbers should be able to handle plumbing code violations, and at 1st Choice Plumbing, we are your local experts.

Remodeling Plumbing

Our plumbers can help you expand your business or your home! Whether you just need a larger kitchen for your restaurant or your home, we can design and install a new plumbing configuration for your needs. We'll also make ourselves available as needed during the job to keep the renovation process moving along. With 1st Choice Plumbing, you never have to worry where your plumber is and why there isn't any progress on the job!

Sewer Repair and Replacement

Commercial plumbing jobs like sewer repair often require much more expertise because they require the use of more complicated equipment. In order to repair a sewer properly, you have to perform a video inspection to find out what is going on in your sewer. A sewer line can be broken, suffer from a root invasion, or have other problems that occur with age. In order to diagnose the problem, the sewer may have be to unclogged and then a video inspection will need to be performed. A video inspection is the process of putting a live video feed that will determine exactly what the damage to your sewer is and exactly where it is located. This way we can determine whether your sewer needs spot repairs or needs to be replaced altogether. This process saves time and money and is available from 1st Choice Plumbing. After a video inspection, we can also give you a free estimate if your sewer needs to be replaced.

Sink Plumbing

Commercial plumbing, when it comes to sinks, is not about just picking out an eye-pleasing design for your bathroom. It's about finding and installing the right commercial grade sinks that are used in restaurants, food service, hospitality, labs, schools, medical centers, and manufacturing companies. At 1st Choice Plumbing, we can locate the sink you need, get it from the manufacturer, and install it according to code. We understand how to install all kinds of commercial and custom-made sinks, and if you need your sink to work in conjunction with other equipment, we can handle that as well.

Toilet Repair

Commercial plumbing involves toilet repair when you have older toilets at your place of business. In the case of a hotel or an office building, for example, it isn't always financially possible to replace every toilet. At 1st Choice Plumbing, we know how to fix older toilets and where to get the parts. If you need an older toilet repaired we can salvage almost any older toilet. Give us a call with your toilet make and year and we will get you a free estimate for your toilet repair job!

Toilet Service

Commercial plumbing often involves toilet service because toilets in public restrooms and other commercially used toilets take more of a beating than residential toilets. If your toilet problem has gone beyond drain snake plumbing, give 1st Choice Plumbing a call. We not only unclog toilets, we also repair them and install them. If you need low-flush toilets or handicap plumbing, we can handle that as well.

Water Filter Installation

Commercial Plumbing from 1st Choice Plumbing includes commercial grade water filter installation and other water systems. This includes water coolers, fountains, chillers, hand wash stations, and any other water filters and water dispensers that are needed by food service, labs, hospitality, light industry, and medical facilities. We know the manufacturers of commercial water filters and water systems, so give us a call for filter solutions and available products!

Water Heaters and Boilers

Commercial plumbing from 1st Choice Plumbing includes water heater repair and installation as well as water heater tune ups. At 1st Choice Plumbing, our technicians are factory-trained to install specific brands of water heaters where the training is available, which includes tankless water heaters if you need them. We guarantee all of our work and installed parts and will come back if any adjustments are needed.

Water Heater Tune Ups

A commercial plumber should inspect your boiler or water heater every year. This is because if your water heater or boiler isn't serviced every year, it will take more and more energy to heat the water as sediment forms in the bottom of the tank and parts begin to corrode. When you get a water heater tune up from 1st Choice Plumbing, we'll check the safety relief valve, test the emergency shutoff valve, test the water temperature, clean the burner assembly, test the power supply, test the emergency gas shutoff valve, test the flu draft, check the flu piping, test the water pressure, check for leaks and corrosion, and test the electric elements. The cost of this check up actually more than pays for itself in energy savings.

1st Choice Plumbing provides commercial plumbing services in all of these zip codes in the Atlanta Metro area: 30004, 30005, 30009, 30022, 30023, 30101, 30102, 30060, 30301-30322, 30324-30334, 30336-30350, 30353, 30106, 30168, 30114, 30115, 30169, 30120, 30121, 30120, 30121, 30144, 30152, 30038, 30058, 30126, 30006, 30007, 30008, 30060, 30061, 30062, 30063, 30064, 30065, 30066, 30067, 30068, 30069, 30090, 30260, 30287, 30000-30099, 30127, 30153, 30075, 30076, 30077, 30078, 30039, 30083, 30086, 30087, 30088, 30024, 30084, 30085, 30327, 30328, 30342, 30350, 30080, 30081, 30082, 30339, 30188, 30189

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